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It's that time of year...
Our hand selected picks for your holiday shopping needs, plus a some of our thoughts.
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Whiskey Lovers - Spirited Agave  - Home Bartender - Wine Afficianados - New Years

Gift ideas for the whisk(e)y lover

A unique Rye, perfect for bringing up your Manhattan game. 6 Years, bottled in bond, and made with Hazlet harvested from a single farm. Explore Far North Spirits
Japanese Whiskys have gained attention for their softer expressions of peat, now becoming collectors items. 
Explore Japanese Whiskys

Michel Couvreur, a legend in the whisky scene, was a frenchman obsessed with Scotland. His whiskys use scottish distillate, and are aged in graded Sherry casks in Burgundian caves.
Explore Michel Couvreur

We quite literally picked this barrel ourselves, so you know we believe in it. Rich, toasted apple, with a little bit of cereal and caramel vibe. 
An awesome Barrel proof Bourbon, Julius' favorite. Smoky, rich, powerful bourbon with cherry notes. Holds up well in an old fashioned.

Gift ideas for the Agave lover

Mezcal makers and aficionados have an innate respect for the patience demanded by the process of mezcal-making, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a slow sip and appreciate the complexities time has created here.

5 Sentidos is a fantastic project which shows a wide range of expressions from maestro mezcaleros across Mexico. 

Explore 5 Sentidos

Highly sought after and one of a kind mezcals from the Rezpiral series are for the serious mezcal geek. Vegetal, peppery, bright and full bodied.

Explore Rezpiral

Rey Campero is a mezcal often found on the top shelf of a quality bar. Quail and fruit pechuga, soft and easy drinking expression of espadin.

Turkey breast pechuga, oily, big, but incredibly clean. Ethan loves this one, and it will go incredibly one you run out of wine at the holidays.

Deftones Tequila?
Deftones Tequila!
And I'm all about her shade tonight...
Notes of sweet agave, citrus, vanilla, oak, and spice, this tequila is not just a trendy collab but a valid Anejo on its own.

Gift ideas for the Home Bartender

Creative spirits and liqueurs to up their mixology game! We selected some of our favorites and highlighted some New York city brands.

Faccia Brutto is a well known a New York spirits company thats located just around the corner from us in Bedstuy. This Centerbe is probably their most unique, a "Chartreuse" like spirit that is barrel aged and infused with saffron and lemon leaf. Try it in a last word!

Sherry cask aged 5 year vermut from Spain that sips so smooth on its own, but will upgrade any negroni into luxury territory. Lightly oxidative, notes of pine and juniper.

Love orange wine? What about orange vermouth?  Awesome straight-up, with club soda, or try it in a Negroni-Spagliatto with a pet nat!

An uncommon Italian liqueur made from Fennel root and seeds, we're a big fan of this in a Gin Martini, dirty or with vermouth.

New York based Forthave makes some awesome Amaros, and probably the Campari-replacement at your favorite bar. This new Amaro from them is made with red wine from the Finger Lakes. Notes of fig, cardomom, cedar, and mace, try this in place of vermouth in a Manhattan.

Wine Afficianados 

Creative spirits and liqueurs to up their mixology game! We selected some of our favorites and highlighted some New York city brands.

Evan's favorite Pinot Noir ever. Monopole is a certification given to areas of exceptional terroir which are controlled by a single winemaking house, and Clos Des Rose is no exception. This wine opens incredibly at any stage of its age.

Champagne and Bubbles

We dont really need to explain this one. Skip the name brand stuff, here we focused on real winemaking